Top 5 games that may never see the light of day

GameZone writes, "Some speculate whether these games will even see the light of day; others expect that they'll come so late into the generation that the games will be rendered obsolete. Regardless of the reason, these following five games are absolutely criminal because fans have been waiting so long for the game, but we haven't even seen a hint of it coming out in the near future."

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Godmars2901976d ago

I hate sites that put up a one page topic on multiple pages just so they can say they have heavier traffic.

brbobcat1976d ago

Ya it sucks,but it's common practice. Something has got to pay the bills

Emilio_Estevez1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Sony and Suare just announces these games way too soon, buy the time they actually release the hype train has already crashed.

TLG will be out though, imo