Rumor: Anarchy Reigns Western Release Canceled? has received information from a credible source that Anarchy Reigns may not see a release in Western Markets.

This information comes after Platinum Games let fans know that SEGA had delayed the game in North America and Europe only giving "TBC" as the release on SEGAs official website.

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ThePsychoGamer2393d ago

"There will still be ways for you to get it if you know where to go"

Seems more like they are saying even if Sega doesn't localize it, importing the game is still an option.

Dir_en_grey2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

It's most likely delayed to revamp the networking aspect of the game for non optic fiber countries.
There were some online multiplay hiccups even when demoed within Japan.

Recent tweet from the developer saying networking was a pain in the ass to work on for non Japanese regions because of how far apart everybody was to each other.

The Japanese Demo drops next week and supposed to have multiplayer, so it'd be nice to check out how good or bad the net code really is.

Venox20082393d ago

please don't joke like that

Ardorme2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I really wish it was a joke.

Hopefully SEGA is going to take it digital but as of right now it sounds like it won't make it to western markets.

It's really unfortunate but makes sense given Bayonetta 2 was rumored to have been canceled many times in the past and Sega has been clear their focus is on Aliens, Football Manager, Total War and Sonic as far as retail products are concerned.

I'd say that if Anarchy Reigns isn't at E3, the source is correct and that the western release has indeed been canceled.

It's also been indicated that the Yakuza series might go back to being Japan-only and Rhythm Thief might not be released in North America as well.

Again, I hope it isn't true but the information provided to me was deemed credible enough to post and the person in question has been reliable in the past.

Neckbear2393d ago

Yakuza, Rhythm Thief AND Anarchy Reigns?

Please let this be false, those are like the best games SEGA could publish this year.

VileAndVicious2393d ago

I really wish Platinum would get with a better publisher. Its not that SEGA is bad per se, but they are bleeding money because of the last few horrible quarters they have have and they really cant afford to take any risks so you really cant blame them.

But hopefully after Platinums work on REvengeance, they shouldnt have a problem finding a new publisher to work with because they are truly a remarkable company.

Infernostew2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Then license the games out to other companies to localize them then. I don't understand how some high profile games are just left to rot overseas when there's a market for them in the US/EU. If Yakuza 5 doesn't get released in the US, I'm raging.

VileAndVicious2393d ago

They could license them but I know at least with Yakuza for instance Sega said that they actually spent more money localizing it then they did on the actual sales.
I guess the real problem is (if you can call it a problem) is we need more open minded gamers. Because as of right now the market is pretty much ruled by western developers that flood the market with military FPSs and TPS.

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