Hands-On with Sleeping Dogs - The Average Gamer

The Average Gamer had to chase a crook through the crowded streets of Hong Kong, racing up vending machines and sheer vertical walls in true Peking Opera School style.

This is easy enough to do by pressing the A button as you approach an obstacle but leave it too late and you’ll slam face-first into a wall, giving yourself an XP penalty as the witnesses are unimpressed by your clumsiness.

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SavageKuma2218d ago

Not bad, definitely digging your in-depth right up. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to this title as well because I believe it gives off that nice hong kong action genre in this game. Yes we've had stranglehold and Rise to Honor, but this one stands on its own.

vortis2218d ago

Yeah this game looks like a rocket-busting ride. Can't wait for it.

sonicsidewinder2218d ago

Game will always be just True Crime 3 to me.

WeskerChildReborned2218d ago

It's look's pretty good to me. I'll probably be checking this out for sure.