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Eric L. Patterson: Gravity Rush isn’t just the best game to grace the Vita—it’s also one of the best games I’ve played in some time, no matter the system.

In so many ways, it shines with a beauty that so many games can never achieve, and it’s an experience you’ll absolutely not want to miss.

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dafegamer1794d ago

nice its getting stellar reviews
current metascore 86
i predict 91-92 final score

DivineAssault 1793d ago

depends on whether some haters give it some jacked up reviews like destructiod.. Other than IGN, most of the top reviewers gave it 9z so maybe.. im buying it regardless what any of them say about it

dafegamer1793d ago

agreed pal the hater probably dont appreciate
originality in gaming anymore.
I still continue to lol at Jim sterling for giving
Kid Icarus 5/10 and COD MW3 9/10

DeeZee1793d ago

Good, it's easily one of the best games in a long time (I imported).

1793d ago
cpayne931793d ago

It has gone up a point to 87 since you made that comment.

PT Fone Home1793d ago

I'm waiting on gametrailers review

Hicken1793d ago

Can't wait for this game. I've wanted to play it every since I first laid eyes on it. Loved the demo, loved the art style, loved the idea behind it all.

Pretty interesting that Regent_of_the_Mask doesn't show up in the good reviews...

smashcrashbash1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I loved it since I saw the volcano surfing scene a while back.Gravity control is definitely an awesome power

vividi1793d ago

I want this game so much, looks great