Geoff Keighley: E3 news begins tomorrow

Geoff tweets: "Couple cool announcements to get you ready for our coverage on June 4."

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Uncharted2Vet2028d ago

only a couple more days until the HELL WEEK begins

Double_Oh_Snap2028d ago

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS of announcements. Seriously though wonder what they are, hmmmm.

Army_of_Darkness2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I don't think Hell would be as fun and entertaining as E3, just saying...

But seriously people.. I have a Big announcement to make today and that is... I'm gonna announce something ridiculously Humungous Next week! so stay tune.

abzdine2027d ago

it makes people speculate before the final announcement. I like it this way.

Commander_TK2027d ago

Good god almighty! They're gonna announce all of their stuff b4 the show? Don't tell me it's gonna be 2 years of disappointments in a row!

Soldierone2027d ago

This is because of the internet. Magazines and television shows are so slow to the punch that they need to hype that they know something exclusive. That or the developers/publishers were paid by bigger websites to have it exclusive so they need to put a "release date" on it.

Otherwise the news would spread like wildfire and be done with by the time the show or magazine came out.

2027d ago
pixelsword2027d ago

"Geoff Keighley: E3 news begins tomorrow"

Off of a Twitter... great story. :P

b163o12027d ago

@ XboxHasNoGamesWiiSux

Man I've been looking for Agent the last two years, if It's a no show this year I think I'm giving up on it. R* is slipping this Gen IMO, i mean there games are on point by far, but they've slipped in offering there back catalogs. Basically I'd like to play, Bully,TheWarriors, Gta3,ViceCity, or SanAndreas on my PS3

KidBroSweets22022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

As much as people knock this kind of stuff, it really does make everyone want it that much more. I know Geoff Keighley says stuff like this, you all still come to see what it might be

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DoctorXpro2027d ago

Geoff Keighley being Geoff Keighley

TVippy2027d ago

Yeah, huge by Keighley's definition. In normal English: "Tiny, small, little"...

iamnsuperman2028d ago

Cool doesn't instantly mean huge.

deep_fried_bum_cake2027d ago

I know, cool means at a lowish temperature.

(Don't hurt me, I know that was bad)

Excited to find out what they are though.

Prcko2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

TETRIS-ICE AGE confirmed

Dude4202027d ago

You know what keeled zee dinasows?!


Sorry couldn't resist :P

Harelgur2027d ago

Everything is huge for Keighley

stuntman_mike2027d ago

Yeah they even based the story of tom thumb on him ;)

OmegaSaiyanX2027d ago

Fool me twice and then fool me year on year, E3, GDC etc etc with these so-called 'huge announcements' and 99% of the time ends up being something stupid and hardly a huge announcement *rolls eyes*.

For me a huge announcement will be as follows:

Microsoft - PGR5 announcement and exclusives that are NOT Kinect based.

Sony - Partnership with OnLive and thats about it.

Nintendo - Finally revealing the damn price for the Wii U not that im that interested to be honest.

yabhero2027d ago

Nintendo could release specs, announce third party show features, price, new network, new ups and ur not interested

koh2027d ago

You're pretty tough to please.

DNAbro2027d ago

nintendo already said they will not reveal price of the Wii U at E3.

mushroomwig2027d ago

Sony partnering up or even buying OnLive would be a megaton in my eyes!

LoneWolf0192027d ago

This e3 is about all upcoming games after this year are kinectable!!!!! D; lol

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