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Sliding Under the Iron Curtain

"There’s this great little used book/game/movie/whatever store near the transit hub where I catch a bus to work most mornings, and I tend to spend a few minutes poking through their aisles once a week or so. Their game selection is generally iffy at best, but today there was a huge exception. Somebody had sold off a huge collection of boxed NES games, and among the titles was one that I’ve had my eye on for some time – Tengen’s unlicensed version of Tetris.
My Tetris obsession has been well-documented on the internet, but somehow, I’ve never actually played Tengen Tetris – a version widely regarded as one of the greatest puzzle games of all time. I suppose I could have eBayed the thing at any time, but I guess I was just a bit wary of spending fifty or sixty bucks on yet another copy of Tetris.
A pristine, boxed copy right in front of my face was, however, pretty irresistible. Actually, I’m glad that it wasn’t just the cartridge, because the text on the back of the box is kind of... (Arcade, Retro, Tetris)

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