Skyrim 1.6: Killing a Dragon on Horseback is Much Harder Than it Looks

As you can hopefully tell from our gameplay, mounted combat has added an entirely new element to the pursuit and demise of the Dovah.

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SolidStoner1705d ago

He said DRAGONS!

PS. I never played skyrim, yet! it seems I have to buy it! :)

Batmau51705d ago

Finally, a use for horses!

CrzyFooL1705d ago

PSH, They made great backpacks before!

Cataract1705d ago

Well, shit. I really need to start playing Skyrim now. I didn't enjoy Oblivion, so I've always been really skeptical. Then again, I barely put any time into Oblivion...

browland11705d ago

Same. I appreciated Oblivion for what it was, but I couldn't get into it and struggled to make any progress. Skyrim, by contrast, is a game that hooked me from the beginning. I didn't expect it, but hey, the world is full of surprises :)

Solid_Snake371705d ago

Yeah the first few levels are a bore, when you get past level 5 and meet all the guilds it's a different story

chairmanlove1705d ago

That's some fine slaying. I need to try this now.

BlackjackCF1705d ago

Stopped playing Skyrim... maybe this is motivation to restart.

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The story is too old to be commented.