Path of Exile Beta Impressions

It seems this is a year for hack-and-slash RPGs with Diablo 3, the granddaddy of the series being released earlier this month; Torchlight 2 is in the final stretch of its beta phase, and the Victorian adventure Grim Dawn has been fully backed by kickstarter. Yet, even with all of these big name titles looming large over the genre I find myself drawn more to Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile game which will be free-to-play upon its release. While it is still within the early stages of its beta, Path of Exile maintains the dark atmosphere that the original Diablo games were know for and blends it with an incredibly customizable style of gameplay. This is not a review of the beta as it is still changing and being updated in accordance to player feedback, but is instead a collection of my thoughts on the beta’s two acts.

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