MAS8705 Rants- E3 Conferences- The Good, The Bad & Microsoft

8bitfix writes: Oh yes… if you are a gamer you know exactly what I’m talking about. When E3 rolls around, you are up bright and early like it's Christmas morning to watch as Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and every other publisher and developer tell you why they are awesome, showing you what you're going to get if you do your business with them. Really, E3 week is the Gamer’s “Golden Week,” because let’s face it, you want to see what you are going to get come the end of the year and what you will be seeing in the near future.

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kungfuian2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Sadly the worse they do at E3 in the eyes of core gamers the better they'll do at market.

Microsoft has been shifting to the Nintendo model for some time now and will continue down this path as long as the market rewards them for doing so.

They have their built in core gamers who will buy for Halo, Gears, and COD with timed exclusive DLC, they have live (which is still the most popular place to play online games), they have strong 3rd party support from every developer, they have strong support from the indi scene providing exclusive and original downloadable hardcore games like fez, Bastian, etc., and they have kinect with kinect exclusive features like voice recognition as well as strong selling brand heavy software like Disney land adventures, star wars, sesame street, etc. etc....

I'd expect they'll focus on services that further push kinect integration, net browser functionality, and the $99 pay as you go service model (which is eefing brilliant from a business standpoint).

This stuff might not excite you or me, (except for the great downloadable indi games), but it's about as mainstream as you get, and mainstream sells.

neutralgamer192392d ago

Oh got to love the ps3 for so many different reasons!!!!!

cstyle2392d ago

"Oh got to love the ps3 for so many different reasons"

Is causing 2.5 billion in losses one of them?

Hicken2392d ago

You got a source for that BS?

Wait, it's BS...

BrutallyBlunt2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Microsoft clearly shows what that care most about this generation, turning a profit from the lackluster efforts of the original XBOX that cost them billions of dollars. To most of us their E3 shows are weak at best and at times downright embarrassing. I expect more of the same because as long as they dominate on their home turf and the XBOX 360, Kinect and software keeps selling they have no other direction to go. That's what happens when you have people there who are so out of touch with the actual gamers and are more concerned with growth and expanding than pleasing their existing customers. So they spend more on marketing than game development.


You know what's sad, fanboys like you who do nothing but support a company for no apparent reason other than to defend/deflect any negative issues surrounding that company. You seem to spend more time countering anything that isn't positive about them. Why? What exactly do you get by being such a console warrior? Sure some of it isn't justified and many get sick of all the negativity that goes on in the media but you're just a sad case, plain and simple.

Hicken2392d ago

"The Consumer Products and Services division that includes the PlayStation business in particular was struck an absolutely crushing blow, a $2.8 billion loss for the year, down from a $135 million profit in fiscal 2011."



Once again: you got a source for that BS?

BrutallyBlunt2392d ago

Hicken, that is the headlines people saw and Sony never disclosed publicly the exact amount for just the PS3. It is well known Sony has sunk a lot of money into the PS3 that not only cost them financially but also lost something even more important, market share.

Why you feel the need to defend them is beyond me. I enjoy their games and their systems but I have no personal attachment to them like you obviously do. Go do something more productive with yourself instead of acting like a fanboy who feels its his duty to be a console warrior 24/7.

neutralgamer192392d ago

cstyle is buttttt butttttt buttttttthurtttttttttttt bwahhhhhhhh

cstyle2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

no buddy, sony is the one crying over all the money they've lost because MS has stolen market share that they can't and won't ever get back. Things have changed now...MS isn't sega and sony will never monopolize the industry again. 5 billion in the hole and 2.6 biilion of that was from playstation division... we all know who is butthurt Sony is the one butthurt because they've been literally shitting bricks since MS entered the console business. The next xbox and PS is about to launch but only one is launching in the hole from the last gen....bwahhhhhhhhhh

yea, here is your source. Read it and weap

finodd432392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

X box doesn't need countless exclusives and new game announcements because in the end they are making plenty of money off xbl subscriptions. Ps3 has been playing Catch up by giving games to gamers, and its working for them. We are reaping the benefits of good competition.

kamruk2392d ago

Are there still people not going to E3 because of all that SOPA stuff or are my infos on that simply archaic?

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