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Sold at quite a reasonable price, Sorcery is a very nice little game for kids, with nice music melodies, pretty environments, and fun gameplay mechanics. The PS Move still remains somewhat imprecise sometimes (even though the game does most of the targetting for you), but the most important shortcoming of the game is probably its lack of variety.

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b_one2367d ago

Grow up man, another review of sorcery added by you...

Hicken2367d ago

He can't help it. Since he's been outed as a troll and fanboy, he's gonna go all-out.

b_one2367d ago

yeah, just realized he has 360 in hes nickname

Fishy Fingers2367d ago

It's a legitimate review is it not?

iamnsuperman2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Well said Fishy Fingers +bubs. OK fine he is submitting low scores for this game but so what it is a legitimate score. It may be sad for 360GamerFG to be doing this (specifically submitting the lower ones) but that doesn't take a way from the fact this is a legitimate review which should aid people if they want to buy this game or not. It is a good, well written, review.

Hicken2367d ago

The issue isn't whether or not the review is legitimate. And my comment doesn't pertain to that in the slightest.

I solely address his intent. Can I not do that?

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360GamerFG2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

You're kidding right? So grown people don't submit Sorcery reviews? Got it.
I submitted a 7 too, thats not low is it?
Also @xurz, better according to whom? Take Dance Central 2, it has a metacritic score of 86 and a couple of million gamers hooked on it, who's to say this average pile of average which has yet to really sell is better than DC 2?

xursz2367d ago

Still better than anything on kinect... UMAD 360GamerFG?!?!?

Just messin' :]