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Sorcery is a good game that - despite low expectations - brings a fresh breeze into the genre and perhaps will become a source for new solutions in arcade games in general. PS Move's potential is used almost in its entirety and hopefully it will mark the beginning of high quality games for this controller.

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360GamerFG2369d ago

Low expectations? This game was supposed to be Move's killer app. People kept saying wait until Sorcery releases.
Well here it is and the consensus seems to be that it is underwhelmingly average.

iamnsuperman2369d ago

I played the demo and it wasn't that good. My best move experience has been with killzone and socom with the sharpshooter. Problem is they need to adopt a slogan like Microsoft has with "Better with kinect". Not sure people are willing to try this games and making a move only shooter I do not think it will take off.

ElementX2369d ago

LOL, the sharpshooter, an accessory for an accessory

iamnsuperman2369d ago

@ElementX you may "LOL" but the sharpshooters makes the move (obviously in my opinion) the best way to play shooter games. I find it better than a normal controller. You look like a dork with it but it is a dam good "accessory for an accessory"

ElementX2369d ago

From what I hear the sharpshooter is a worthwhile purchase. I was just laughing at the thought of an accessory for an accessory

specialguest2369d ago

The sharpshooter works well on KZ3, but it'll definitely give you a workout in terms of holding it at position for extended periods. I only use it for single player, but for multiplayer, I prefer the naked Move.

JellyJelly2369d ago

Yo dawg! We heard you like accessories...

Fylus2369d ago

Jelly, you made me Lol so hard just now.

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Dante1122369d ago

@ 360Gamer

Still got my copy. I was originally gonna get Kinect Star Wars (Kinect's killer app) for the 360, but after I saw how terrible it was from the reviews, I decided to go with this. I guess I decided to take average rather than something horrible.

SlipperyMooseCakes2369d ago

Kinect's killer game is Dance Central. It scored, sold and plays really well.

Sorcery is cool but it's just not the IT game.

cstyle2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Nice try but Star wars was never Kinects killer app... Try the Steel battalion demo. That one is closer to it. Don't try to make excuses for move because it didn't deliver. I remember before they were released everyone was saying how move games were gonna be so much better because of the 1:1 movement. Well i guess that didn't work out too well didn't it? Kinect may not be perfect but it has way more decent titles than move. You can thank sony for their lack of support. Sony need to just drop this for next gen. At least Kinect enhances the xbox live experience with hand gestures and voice control while sony doesn't lift a finger to improve theirs. Is this why they created the Pseye? Its basically useless when not using it with move.

Machioto2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

@cstyle you should visit iwaggle3d website or catch his videos on YouTube Before making such claims, as ps move have been implemented in more varied game genres than kinect.

2369d ago
Hicken2369d ago

How did I know you'd be in here defending Kinect again?

Kinect Star Wars is not "really good." if you're a kid who doesn't know any better, you might have a blast(for a while). If you're an adult who loves Star Wars, you might find some enjoyability in the universe.

But calling it a good game might be stretching it.

You wanna bet Sorcery is a more solid game than Kinct Star Wars?

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b_one2369d ago

depends on who plays it, for me game is good, but i dont like FPSes and other "so hardcore" stuff

cstyle2369d ago

There is a huge difference between move games and move supported games. People didn't buy the move to play games they can already play with the controller. I'm talking about experiences created just for the device. There haven't been many since launch. You can say what you want about Kinect but look at all the kinect titles that have been released and continue to do so.

Its been almost two years and not one sequel to any move launch title......while MS has given us sequels as well as new games. Some people may not like the titles but you can never say the device isn't getting support that they promised. Sony siad that over 95% of third party devs were creating move titles. Where are they? This gen is almost over and we haven't seen any of those titles yet.

Machioto2369d ago

Like I said visit iwaggle3d website or check his stuff out on you tube,he shows some games that are move exclusive or works way better with move.