WWE 13 Trailer Leaked

New trailer for WWE 13 was leaked today. The trailer shows CM Punk speaking to the camera followed by a few shots of gameplay. The end of the trailer also shows a released date for the game.

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megajon2278d ago

Trailer seems ok for me.

Zefros2278d ago

It says videoformat not supported...But i got to see it somewhere else, so no big deal.

DasTier2278d ago

Seeing CM Punk stood in front of Lesnar, The Rock and Stone Cold makes you realize how far the WWE has fallen :(

nevin12278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

And its games. =(

MiyagiSPG2278d ago

Whats wrong with CM Punk? I'm big fans of each wrestler on that cover but tbh, CM Punk could out wrestle each one of them (Sorry Rocky :P)

2pacalypsenow2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

well the rock and lesnar are part time wreslters and cm punk is fully dedicated to the wwe so its only fair

terrencehutchins372277d ago

i agree wwe has fallen hard but this pic was edited by ppl at n4g

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megajon2278d ago

Its at least semi leaked, this trailer is being taken down instantly when you try to put it on youtube.

Cra2yey32278d ago

Game looks the same... And they still haven't fixed that disgusting looking chokeslam. I just want to curse at thq.

terrencehutchins372277d ago

i know i hate the way that chokeslam look but did you notice that attitude era undertaker

terrencehutchins372277d ago

cant wait too play as attitude era undertaker