Actor Zac Levi Brings E3 To Gamers Through Nerd Machine And Spike TV

The actor who brought “Chuck” to life on NBC for five seasons has been focusing more on his company, Nerd Machine, since filming the series finale. Zac Levi, much like the character he played on TV, is a huge fan of videogames, technology and gadgets. He’s blending all of the things he loves together through a new deal with Spike TV, which will allow viewers to experience E3 through the eyes of the actor.

Nerd Machine will be providing original coverage and content for Spike TV throughout the first two days of E3 on June 4 and 5 in Los Angeles. Levi’s Nerd Machine partner, David Coleman, will be along for the ride, and Alison Haislip will be interviewing developers at the trade show. Levi, who last worked with Spike TV as the host of the “VGAs” in December, took a break to talk about how this E3 will be a little different for him than past shows in this exclusive interview.

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