The battle of the E3 2012 predictions!

"A few years ago, when I went to a psychic for my annual E3 predictions post, the results were fascinating. Using her specific set of otherworldly skills, the psychic managed to make some fairly accurate predictions about what would happen at that year’s giant videogame expo. It got me thinking: Wow. Maybe some of the most unlikely candidates could make more accurate predictions than a professional videogame analyst.

After this my annual E3 predictions were born. The year after the psychic, I went to the L.A. Zoo to see what the animals thought. And then last year I took a wonderful and ultimately very moving trip to a local animal shelter to have the dogs and cats make some predictions of their own (and get adopted in the process!).

The one problem with all those predictions, though: I never really had a real-life analyst to compare the final results to. Sure, I assumed the animals and psychic made some great predictions, but who knew if they would actually beat an analyst in...

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