What could have saved Amalur developer, 38 Games?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "After running into extreme financial trouble, 38 Games has officially closed down. It’s a sad day in gaming as the 300-odd headcount at the developer was a team with real potential. Kingdoms of Amalur, its first and only game, was not a bad game at all."

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zeal0us2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Not taking a huge loan would've help. Seeing as they had began developing the MMORPG before they did KoA. They should probably went forward with MMORPG. The could have put the RPG on hold had the team(that was working on the rpg version) help finish the MMORPG. The MMORPG probably could have been finish late 2010 to mid 2011. Made the MMORPG P2P and eventually they would saw profit, hopefully. Use the profit to start working on KoA and pay off the loan.

Then maybe a company like EA would've brought them.

CommonSense2393d ago

if they had made an mmo, it would have made KoA pointless.

I find this news to be rather disappointing as KoA would have made for a really great franchise. Really great lore, good combat system, good story. I, personally, enjoyed it a lot more than Skyrim.

Army_of_Darkness2393d ago

I liked the demo a lot, but just don't have the time or money to buy/play it yet...

torchic2393d ago

@Army of Darkness

same here man. I didn't have time to play the game with all my studying so I always told myself I'd buy it during the summer. I'll still buy it though.

Army_of_Darkness2393d ago

It's gonna be much cheaper when summer hits:-D

DJ2393d ago

They bet big on what's actually a good game. But quality doesn't guarantee sales. We see it in many industries, not just gaming.

capjacksparrow2393d ago

If amular came out a bit before skyrim, that may have helped :P

360GamerFG2393d ago

So does this mean I don't get a sequel to KoA? That sucks all kinds of balls.

sllshrm2392d ago

I read somewhere that EA didnt give them a penny of amalur profit...they literally just put most of their resources in the game and didnt get a single dollar in return

Maybe if EA could've given them their share, they could've paid next 2 mil dollar loan emi's