Brand new Megadrive game coming 2008

Reports indicate that a company is planning to release a brand new game for the SEGA Megadrive/Gensis in 2008 codenamed "Tavern RPG," known now as Pier Solar. The developers state the game has been made completely from scratch including all the graphics, images and coding for the game. The J-RPG style game is expected to be released on the traditional cartridge format, so retro gamers get those dusty flaps clean pronto.

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predator3385d ago


if i still had my megadrive i would so get this

JsonHenry3385d ago

I still have mine! But I doubt I will actually buy the game. Not a big fan of J-RPG games.

3385d ago
SlippyMadFrog3385d ago


I didn't read PS3 in your collection. I guess it's not complete yet ;)

predator3385d ago

i might go ask my family and freinds if they still have one somewhere, check out the video to.

MrSwede3385d ago

What a great find Predator!!

eyeballpauluk3385d ago

is this legit? cos how many folk would actually buy it? would it be worth their effort???

millertime83063385d ago

Wish I still had my Genesis and Sega CD :( Sega CD was the worst 200 bucks I spent, I got it at the end of its life and only owned the included Sewer Shark game. Oh well, those live FMV cutscenes were sweet! Haha!

Staircase3385d ago

Haha, my collection of Video Game consoles comes in handy once again! =)

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The story is too old to be commented.