European price and release date revealed for Gold DualShock 3 controller

The European price tag and release date has been revealed by an online retailer for the upcoming Gold DualShock 3 controller for the Playstation 3 system.

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GraveLord2368d ago

Is this the same control that came with the One Piece-themed PS3? Or the One Piece one made of real gold? :D

joeyisback2368d ago

wish the PS3 different color's would come to the us doesn't make sense that us has different color controllers but not systems

TheController2368d ago

im sure its easier to move controllers than systems. if someone doesnt like the color blue and thats the only system best buy has in stock, that could be a potential loss of a sale. Especially since some places only keep a handful of systems in stock at all times, whereas theyll have 10's if not dozens of controllers.

colonel1792368d ago

But could be the other way around. If they had blue systems, maybe it could be a potential sale for someone that doesn't want black.

I bought a 3DS because there was red. My sister bought the DS because it was pink.

Having options is always better. Obviously, if you go to a store and they only have a color you don't like available, you won't buy it.

Sony should have released the PS3 at least in black and white standard, and have special editions and/or different colors. ( It has had, but very limited), and Sony MUST offer PS Vita in different colors because it really does help the sales. There should be at least 5 different colors for PS Vita worldwide.

Tonester9252368d ago

Controllers are the price of games.

Bathyj2368d ago

Dammit, I just bought a new controller.

labaronx2368d ago

gold is my favorite color.... please bring stateside and i'll buy 2

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The story is too old to be commented.