Top 10 Badass Women Of Video Games

There are a ton of busty babes and poorly proportioned women in video games, but there are also more than a few that are realistic and truly interesting characters. Here are ten of the best.

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Amazingmrbrock2369d ago

Excuse me. You forgot to put The Boss on your list of bad ass women.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2367d ago

Well... but.... there's only room for ten women in a Top Ten list.

I can agree though. Maybe replace Lightning with The Boss.

Jihaad_cpt2367d ago

Why the heck do they have an A.I. from Halo on the list take her off the list. Firstly she's an A.I. and secondly she does not do anything bad ass. The Boss at least took the heat and had a role in creating Big Boss.

Unlimax2367d ago


MacDonagh2367d ago


Miss Co-dependent cannot be counted as a badass because she proved in Other M what a weakling she really was.

Also, no Bloodrayne? No Bayonetta? No Ada Wong? No Glados? No Shodan? Great list!

Hicken2367d ago

It's funny how Other M suddenly erases all the credibility Samus has accrued from all her other games over the years. I guess everything else she did was worthless...

hazelamy2367d ago

apart from other m, which was made by team ninja, and we know what they think of women by now, Samus is a serious bad ass.

would we have MC if there was no Samus?

who knows, but i have my doubts.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2367d ago

i wish Nariko was up there too. its just a personal list anyway. Heavenly Sword 2 cmon Sony!