The Overseas Connection Podcast #169

The Overseas Connection, the official Community weekly podcast discusses gaming news, community feedback, new releases and the podcast teams current play lists. Tune-in and listen to this combination U.S. and U.K. video game podcast as they discuss this weeks topics:

* What E3 rumor do you hope does/doesn’t come true?
* BF3 close quarters dlc price gets confirmed by EA.
* Details on Bungies next game/deal emerge during court case.
* Epic and Silicon Knights case continues on.
* New Releases for the week.
* 38 Studios continues to tread dangerous waters.
* Sony Online announces a new game.
* X-com gets pushed, no not the one you care about…the other one.
* And much more…

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Leave us a voicemail if you live in the U.S.: (626) 50 – OCPOD [626- 506-2763]

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