Respawn's West And Zampella Sound Off On Upcoming Activision Lawsuit

GI:We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Respawn Entertainment's Jason West and Vince Zampella, the one-time heads of Infinity Ward and creators of Call of Duty. During our conversation we finally got to hear their version of the events surrounding their dismissal from Activision and the bitter legal battle that has carried on for two years.

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moho-foe2368d ago

They gonna get paid either way! Either from Acti or from their new game. Creative talent on their lvl is hard to find. Acti would have been better off cutting them a huge check then kicking them out the door. I guess its Actis loss.

NYC_Gamer2368d ago

How is it Activision lost?they still have the Call of Duty rights and the franchise breaks records every year...

moho-foe2368d ago

they lost the people that made CoD what it is today, and if you read the article they would have made a better MW3 and or a new IP based on the modern warfare franchise. They also lost top talent to a rival company, so that's two losses.

Right now their making MW4 things would be different if Jason and Vince were in charge. Its not the quantity (sales) its the quality (game play)and right now all we get is quantity.

zeal0us2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Its not Activision lost.

West and Zampella isn't going to get anywhere close to 1 billion dollars. They will probably less than 1/3 of that amount if they win.

IW and the MW series still owned by Activision and they are still making money off both.

No one know how Respawn Entertainment game will do until its release.

West and Zampella legal fees will eventually start stacking up. They're rich I give them that, but not rich as billion dollar gaming corporation that got money to waste.

Talent can only get you so far.

moho-foe2368d ago

"talent can only get you so far" Do you even know what they did before IW? they worked at 2015 inc. with the rest of the IW staff and built up Medal of Honor when that franchise was HUGE. Then they leave EA and start their own thing and make CoD what it is today.

"talent can only get you so far" thats why it took 2+ studios to make MW3. Sure CoD makes tons of money but its talent like Jason & Vince reshape gaming like they have done 2x already..

XboxInnovation2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Go play Black ops and MW3 and you will see how it's Activisions loss. People aren't stupid, they are starting see CoD is not what it used to be, and it's because you're playing CoD ripoffs made by devs that did not create it.

SleazyChimp2367d ago

Do you all forget that these two first created Medal of Honor back in the day on Ps2 and Xbox. They then left EA to go to Activison and created COD. Call of Duty went on to become a monster while MOH fell by the way side. Give these 2 a few years and nobody will care about Call of Duty.

Edito2367d ago

Ain't gonna brake records forever and you know the Respawn Game will rock... when arrive...

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jjdoyle2368d ago

Just was submitting this, only 2 hours behind the times!

GraveLord2368d ago


"There's this one sentence - that [Jason] fought for - that is the key to the whole contract. One sentence says, "Activision cannot commercially release a Modern Warfare game without their written authorization." Then it says, "In that regard, all exploitation or other licensing of the Modern Warfare brand and IP." Not only that, there's another sentence that says Activision cannot do a Call of Duty-branded game post-Vietnam without their permission. They can't do Vietnam, post-Vietnam, near-future, distant future without [Jason and Vince's] approval. What that means is, they finished Modern Warfare and Activision wants to use the multiplayer mode and perks and all this stuff and put it into Black Ops - they have to ask their permission. And, if Activision wants to do Call of Duty Asia as an MMO with Modern Warfare assets, they have got to get their permission."

Jason West basically wanted to control Call of Duty. He wanted to tell Activision what they could and couldn't do with it lmfao. Sounds really greedy on his part. Did Actvision really agree to give him this control? Was a contract signed? I'd love to see it. It would completely make me support Jason West and the other dude.

"Did EA approach you?

Schwartz: They went up and had lunch with [EA CEO] John Riccitiello, EA actually chartered a private jet for them, and they went on it."

Oh, so they did meet up with EA while under contract. That breached their contract then and there. Whatever happened during that meeting we will never know.

joab7772367d ago

its greedy to want to control your own game? How is ea the worst company. This isnt activisions first offense and it blows away anything that others have done. They wanted mw2 & mw3 and wanted it done fast and cheap and were willing to giv anything to get it. So they made a deal. And even before the deal was inked, they were in the process of undermining them to get them out the door. So, they gave them millions in bonuses and control in this deal but shortly after it released and broke records they used their year long illegal investigation to have them fired, stripping them of control and money they already earned. Then they did a vietnam game with modern weaponry, mw3 & BO2 in the future, while settling with others. Wow!!!!!! And everyone walked away without being fired because activision wanted to pay everyone over a two year period the bonuses they earned in 2009, soley to keep them working on mw3. So, they always have to stay 2 more years to get paid making game after game until the time in which they lose leverage or dont meet the bonus requirements. Then they leave...without money.

And it all comes down to grred concerning their desire to have them be the.ones to make mw2 quicker and cheaper. They signed a contract that they werent willing to honor. Maybe west and zampellawere greedy in trying to leverage mw2, but what would u do with ur baby. Activision knew that the contract they signed before mw2 couldnt make them make mw3. They would need new people to do that while west and zampella made their new game. They were not going to let that happen.

Oh and their suit against them is called a countersuit. Its purpose is to chip away at as much of the initial lawsuit as possible to mitigate damages.

floetry1012367d ago

Staggering article. Well done. Schwartz's comments are absolutely mind-blowing, especially when he talks about Project Icebreaker. THIS is good game journalism people. Business is brutal.

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