Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: the first 'hardcore' Kinect game?

Heavy Armor has been touted as the first proper 'hardcore' Kinect game. The 'how to' trailer above tries its hardest to justify that tag.

The gamer in the video uses motion control in conjunction with the traditional control pad to make his way through the level. It all looks fairly basic: stand up to peep out the hatch, reach forward to push a button - you get the idea.

By far the best bit of the trailer is when the stubbly hipster has to punch his squad mate to bring him into line. Two swift right hooks to the face. Looks fun. But is it enough to persuade 'hardcore' gamers to finally fork out for a Kinect.

I doubt it.

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iamnsuperman2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

I think it is hard to tell from these trailers. Microsoft is very good at marketing. I hope it does work as well and easily as the trailer shows but who knows. What a hardcore game needs is good and easy controls that makes sense

cstyle2367d ago

Nice. SB looks really good. Kinect is awesome!