GamerNode | Prototype 2 Review

GamerNode Associate Editor Greg Galiffa writes: "Relating to a videogame protagonist can be tough. Most times our fearless leads, with their admirable actions and handsome faces, are nothing more than vessels. They’re personae to which we attach our ideals. If a game’s presentation and influences are smart, this is easy to do. In Prototype 2, it is not..."

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DanCrabtree1944d ago

Nice review, but it makes NO MENTION of that awful commercial with the Johnny Cash song. Don't get me wrong - I love Johnny Cash. But, wow, what a misuse.

WeskerChildReborned1944d ago

Yea i found the live action trailer kinda corny.

italianbreadman1944d ago

I feel like MOST live-action trailers are pretty terrible.

italianbreadman1944d ago

This review disappoints me, though. I was a fan of the first game. I hope this sequel is as enjoyable to me as the original.