Report: Average Old Republic server has less than 350 players online

SN:Although it launched to great fanfare, it's clear that The Old Republic is struggling. Electronic Arts revealed a startling drop of 25 percent of its subscriber base since launch, and has since announced layoffs at BioWare Austin, the team behind the expensive MMO. But, how dire is the situation, really?

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NYC_Gamer2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

EA is desperate no wonder the game is always on sale/have free weekends...

zeal0us2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

They should just go f2p with micro-transactions already. Free weekends is great but I'm not going to subscribe just after a few days of game playing.

I wonder how it is going with ff14

NYC_Gamer2370d ago

I agree,f2p with micro-transactions is the only thing that could save TOR...

OmegaSaiyanX2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

If only they gave what us the gamers wanted and that was a KOTOR 3! Not an MMO! *facepalm*

kevnb2369d ago

It was kotor 3, with mmo features. That's why it was fun for awhile, but didn't last. Just like any other single player game.

solar2369d ago

The end game content is terrible. I left for Tera.

morganfell2369d ago

I tried it but the cartoon take on what should be a desperate dangerous universe, and what was for me absurd game mechanics, was just too much. If the galaxy had more resembled all the cool CGI scenes with which Bioware deceived the public then perhaps the title would have a chance. Of well, F2P before Christmas.

Lucretia2369d ago

Tera is alot of fun, mostly because the gameplay, and the graphics look actually good and has great art direction

old republic is ugly, too boring and plays just like every other mmo.

i love tera.

Lucretia2369d ago

LOL!!!!!! and no one believed me when i said this game would suck, it sucks and i was right. it was obvious to see. everyone thought it wud be awesome cause of the dialog.

wrong, Gameplay is what matters and i can play any other free mmo and get the same gameplay.

if im lookin for a classic style mmo with tons of stuff i will play aion for free.

but for real fun combat and a great political system then Tera is the way to go, i dont mind paying monthly for that

FlashXIII2369d ago

Let this be a warning sign to all those shitty MMO developers or investors who are deluded into thinking they can create a WoW clone and share it's success.. if a game with the Star Wars IP fails, what chance do other games have?

Bioware should have stopped looking at what made WoW successful and instead making a unique MMO designed to be different. Instead we get a decent story driven game with a poor man's WoW clone for endgame.

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The story is too old to be commented.