Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Vita Exclusive Details


Some of Solid Snake's best adventures are coming to the Vita in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Learn what's exclusive to this portable version in this commentary.

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NewMonday2370d ago

tip for Sony, commision Konami to remake the original 2 MG games for the Vita

PirateThom2369d ago

You can play them on this anyway.

Unless you mean remakes built from the groud up as new games.

NewMonday2369d ago

yes but no need for a big budget production like MGS5, just a graphic update with gameplay like MGS1

SirRidge2369d ago

"Some of Solid Snake's best adventures"

Don't control Solid Snake for an hour or two combined in Metal Geat Solid 2 and 3?

Seraphemz2369d ago

I'll be getting this day ONE !!

TekoIie2369d ago

Same here! Stealth games are awesome and i finally got something to add to my Vita game library!

GuruStarr782369d ago

meh... same game that was released for ps3, minus Peacewalker... no thanks...

It's cool I guess for those that REALLY like Metal Gear, but I'll pass...

Give me Resistance Burning Skies or a new ip like Gravity Rush any day over these half assed re-treads..

synchroscheme2369d ago

Agreed, I considered getting the Vita version at some point, but I really like to sit down and take my time with the MGS games instead of taking them on the go and being distracted all the time. Not to mention the lack of Peace Walker (still not too sure as to why that is).

At the very least, for the folks who do decide to get it, this version seems to be nicely optimized for the peripheral at hand.

frelyler2369d ago

Sony didn't include peace walker because they want you to buy it separately on the PSN. They charge the same amount as the ps3 version with less content. I love Sony but that's what the industry is coming to unfortunately.

Da One2369d ago

Considering Sony doesn't own the IP or is publishing this are they at fault for anything last i checked....this was Konami decision....

Knushwood Butt2369d ago

@ Da One

Sony are evil, I tell 'ya.


MasterCornholio2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Well at least it's a better value than the 3DS version and with better framerate as well. However I already played these two games on the PS2 so I doubt that I will buy this collection. Instead in June I will buy gravity Rush and Oddworld Strangers Wrath (love the Oddworld games but never had an XBOX) for the Vita


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