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Michael Futter writes: One of the most astounding things to me about the return of Max Payne is not that it exists at all; it’s always been a property that needed more attention. Rather, it’s that Rockstar has accomplished the task of bringing the anti-hero back without needing to reboot the series entirely. Max Payne 3 exists as one of the few examples of successfully continuing a narrative in a new generation with new expectations.

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browland11973d ago

Excellent review! I am playing through it now and my thoughts are much the same.

chrisyoung04221973d ago

Good review. I cannot wait to shoot Jersey Shore look a likes.

Gran Touring1973d ago

Great review. Is it out on PC yet?

caboose321973d ago

No I believe it comes out on June 1st for PC.

bfenty1972d ago

Watched my brother play this. It's awesome.

Pintheshadows1972d ago

Incredible game. I've been playing the multiplayer non stop.