Bank accuses Konami of $14m fraud

CNB claims publisher acquired $15m loan with false representations

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Cusmar3502272d ago

Sounds like it's serious.

Akuma-2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Metal gear rising should have been exclusive to ps3. I also don't understand having raiden in the game but he can't throw lightening bolts

Cusmar3502272d ago

Your comment doesn't really pertain to this story in any way.

aviator1892272d ago

Wow, you're totally off-topic.

OT: Anyways, I hope this gets settled before anything major happens to the publisher.

Kran2272d ago

What has that got to do with ANYTHING regarding this article?

TheColbertinator2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

"This is Snake.I have infiltrated the bank accusing Konami of fraud."

"Good work Snake,head down to Level A1 of the complex.Hurry the bank president is about to finish his speech..."

"Level A1,got it"

SnakeCQC2272d ago

the world accuses banks of trillions of dollars of fraud