Scott Waugh to direct Need for Speed film

VVV: "Following from last month's announcement that a film adaptation of Need for Speed is in the works between Electronic Arts and Dreamworks, Act of Valor director Scott Waugh has now been confirmed to be directing the project."

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JellyJelly2366d ago

I bet it will be nothing at all like The Fast and the Furious /s

TopDudeMan2366d ago

Yeah, I don't see any need for a need for speed movie as long as the fast and the furious exists.

2366d ago
SavageKuma2366d ago

Honestly the Fast and Furious Movies are NFS movies when you think about it.

Baka-akaB2366d ago

yeah both are equally bad unless you skip one once everywhile ...

EliteDave932366d ago

Not the latest ones. The new Fast and Furious movies suck to be honest. 1 and 2 were great tho.

SavageKuma2366d ago

The last one was pretty badass honestly. It meshed everything well.

Baka-akaB2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

i dunno , i felt F&F only got better because they stopped pretending it was a movie about racing , and went full on heist action .

But what i can say i'm the odd one , i even prefer Tokyo Drift to the whole of the franchise . After all it was supposed to be about underground racing , not just posers and Vin

banana4202366d ago

isn't fast and furious basically the NFS of films.

Drakesfortune2365d ago

Will it star Vin dielsel and The Rock?...No,so im not interested!!

however if tom hardy is in it then i will have to see regradless of what i think of the need for speed franchise!