E3 Predictions: Bungie's Next Game

Earlier this week, a leaked contract agreement between Activision and Bungie gave many fans their first hard facts about the former Halo developer’s next project. Bungie is hard at work on Project Destiny, a likely code name for a new “sci-fantasy, action shooter” series scheduled to be published by Activison in the fall of 2013. The game series mentioned in the contract is also said to be in a “massively multiplayer style,” but it’s unclear if that means Destiny is an actual MMO or whether it simply has some persistent online elements.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2393d ago

Their next game is a MMO (contract requires them to have in-game admins at all time too) & it will be mediocre since they haven't made a good game since Halo 2. They also have to sell 5 million copies (sold, not shipped) in order to continue & since it will be exclusive on top of all that then the game will flop & they'll get no bonus.

spicelicka2393d ago

"since they haven't made a good game since halo 2"
hahhahaha ye okk whatever u say man.

dark-hollow2393d ago

"& it will be mediocre since they haven't made a good game since Halo 2"

" (sold, not shipped)"
Sorry i take that back. You are really stupid.

ieatbabies2393d ago

What's the point of even porting it if it's only to get ported a year later because of it being a timed exclusive. I thought Bungie got away from Microsoft because of this petty crap?

Kyosuke_Sanada2393d ago

Would love for Bungie to create a a current or next generation ONI......