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Despite some very minor negatives, Gravity Rush delivers a experience that is engaging, engrossing and, most importantly, an incredible breath of fresh air. Showcasing the Vita’s true power, it not only looks amazing, but makes fantastic use of the handheld’s capabilities. If you own a Vita, you need Gravity Rush. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t own one, well, the words “system seller” come to mind.

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Ddouble2393d ago

Day 1.
I hope E3 has more games like this for the Vita

Cryptcuzz2393d ago Show
miyamoto2393d ago

Damn that is an great damn score!

NGB2392d ago

Yup, we loved it. Along with MotorStorm RC, Gravity Rush will be (in our opinion) the best game on the Vita when it launches next month.