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Game Rant's Curt Hutson writes: "Capcom’s ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ boasts a complex and exciting combat system, but is that enough to carry the game or does its lackluster story just end up dogging those who play it? Read our review."

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shammgod2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Strong possibility the person that reviewed this sits when he pees

VanguardOfCalamity2368d ago

I think part of the charm of Dragon's Dogma is that every quest isn't a blazing beacon on your map. That's not to say I don't enjoy games that do clearly outline objectives.. but with DD part of what makes it fun is the ambiguity of where to go next and is there trouble around the next corner.(the author might disagree)

"Blindly stumbling upon quest objectives is all too common and typically the only way to finish one at all. Don’t expect an NPC to lay it all out, giving directions or specific instructions."

- to this I would say that (even though I've only been playing a little over 10 hours) there are side quests that your secondary pawns have directed me too <if they have already done the quest in question>. Finding "scripture" on top of a roof comes to mind... but to each their own :3

Darth Gamer2368d ago

I'm loving this game. This is the first game in a long while where I hate to turn it off and can't wait till I get to play it again. The combat is the best for a game of this type by a long shot. I actually look for things to try and fight. If the battle is to hard, I run away and call my pawns to follow me. Just the amount of attacks plus being able to grab on to your enemy and hold them while a pawn comes over to run them through or being able to climb on top of them while they fight you is incredible. also, on the quest that are not spelled out for you, I have found that your pawns do a great job of leading you in the right direction and also, you can make any quest your main quest and then it is highlighted on your map. Even the scripture quest on the top of a building mentioned above. I made that my main quest and on my map, it circled the exact location of the damn thing.

Pintheshadows2368d ago

The enthusiasm that came across in what you typed is better than any review. Dragons Dogma sounds fantastic.

Revolver_X_2368d ago

Agreed. Im lovin this game. I honestly got bored with Skyrim after a couple days. Its just hack and slash with no purpose. I enjoy Dragons Dogma way better, from the combat, to the pawn system. I havent been hooked on a RPG this much since Dark Souls.