38 Studios’ Project Copernicus Video Isn’t For You

Michael Futter writes: Let me be blunt. There isn’t much there. The environments are pretty and varied, sure, but nothing jumps out at me as groundbreaking.

As any savvy gamer knows, some attractive landscapes and compelling music do not a good game make. Story, combat, classes and skill trees are the things that hook MMO players and keep them coming back. That’s why this video isn’t for you, gamers. It’s a calculated business move to show investors something, and it may backfire. If 38 Studios is showing everything here, then they’ve really got nothing.

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BlackjackCF2370d ago

I think this was more of a video to keep investors from pulling out?

PaladinXII2370d ago

There aren't any investors, though. I think it was designed to attract them. If so, it shows that there is less to the game than anyone originally thought.

DarthJay2370d ago

I disagree that there is necessarily less to the game. It was very clearly a rushed sizzle video with what they were already not ready to show. They didn't want to throw in other stuff that may be there, just not looking as lush and powerful as the environment that is clearly more ready to go around the characters.

I'm certainly no expert, but I would think filling the characters into the world is the least part of the battle.

In any event, I am really rooting for these guys and this game to see the light of day. Tough spot. Really hoping for the best.

PaladinXII2370d ago

Bearing in mind that this was supposed to out this fall, I'm thinking things are in a bad state. Keep in mind that Reckoning only existed because Big Huge Games was in the middle of developing it as something else before the world of Amalur got molded onto it.

38 Still hasn't really done anything from the ground up by themselves.

zeal0us2370d ago

Too bad the studio just closed/shutdown/laid off all its staff.

Pandamobile2370d ago

Probably trying to find a publisher. If a video they release to the public generates a lot of buzz and interest, a publisher may be more likely to pick it up and fund it until completion.

chrisyoung04222370d ago

The trick may work to get some money behind the project.

Bimkoblerutso2370d ago

They've obviously got some pretty talented artists and modelers, but I think they bit off more than they could chew with the budget they were given. Such a sad story. I loved Kingdoms of Amalur.