Halo 4 PC hinted at?

Will Halo 4 be a PC release? According to text on the official Halo 4 site from Microsoft, it could be a possibility.

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john22278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

System requirements are obviously for X360 (Kinect and disk requirements for saving, as well as install). X360 is a system after all. Since there isn't any GFWL indication, I don't think there is a real indication of a PC hint

RememberReach2278d ago

Ah, I see. Well, looks like I was wrong then. Hope got the best of me, I guess.

fossilfern2278d ago

Yeah could be hard drive requirements like how much a save file would take up etc.

Paradicia2278d ago

I'm not one to shit on parties but I can't see this happening at all, regardless if Halo 2 was on PC. System requirements could mean anything i.e (Hard-drive space), which is more often than not in relation to the arcade xbox slims with 4GB of memory etc as john2 pointed out.

ATi_Elite2278d ago

.........yeah in like 5 years!

Try Halo 3 and Reach PC first.....maybe with Windows 8 or a GPU!!

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IaMs122278d ago

oh man that would be amazing, if they had online coop on it unlike the original halo and halo 2.

CoolBeansRus2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I doubt it. If it did come to PC i would not get it on the Xbox. That goes for pretty much any game. Pc>Consoles. If it was timed, then i would get it for the xbox. I don't want to wait!

GamingPerson2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

If it was timed I would get it on pc! So If it's really really good can still play multiplayer in 2016.


AngelicIceDiamond2278d ago

It would be very interesting to see a PC port with cross gameplay with Xbox. Its not related to the article but its just wishful thinking.

caperjim2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I feel extremely confident that Halo 4 among other games will be released on PC as well. Windows 8 will be required. I think many PC gamers will be pleased when microsoft reveals Xbox live integration with PC this E3.

Yes its true they tried it before but i think they will get it right this time.

Dovahkiin2278d ago

That'd be a dream come true for PC gamers.

Bladesfist2278d ago

Halo is the only console game I miss

Farsendor12278d ago

why would that be a dream come true? it would be cool yes but not a dream come true.

CoolBeansRus2278d ago

Farsendor1 maybe not for you, but for fans of the series yes! Some people rather play it on a PC.

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