Konami Unveils Mysterious Website, Hint For New Castlevania Game?

Konami has a new website,, and it lists a date of May 31st at the top of the homepage, pointing towards just when we will hear something about what it is.

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BringingTheThunder2370d ago

it pretty much has to be. i mean what else does konami have that could be associated with a dragon?

Optical_Matrix2370d ago

Well, Dragon can also be said, Dracul...and if you played Lords of Shadow, you know what I'm referring to. Can't wait

Double_Oh_Snap2370d ago

Obvious teaser, Dracul means "the dragon" in Romanian.
LoS 2 I like this, first one was a pleasant surprise.

TrendyGamers2370d ago

It was, I actually quite enjoyed it.

fossilfern2370d ago

Yeah I didnt see why alot of people gave it alot of slack and I have been playing Castlevania for a long time now. Cant wait for a second

Zefros2370d ago

Either a new IP or new castlevania.

BringingTheThunder2370d ago

itll be castlevania. i dont think konami has made a good new IP in a while.

Rampaged Death2370d ago

Yes ! I loved Lords of Shadow even if it was a tad long. The ending was brilliant.

RXL2370d ago

not gonna disagree with you..but this is the first time iv ever heard about someone complaining that a game is too long lol..

i gotta play this game...iv heard great things about it

Rampaged Death2370d ago

Hitting the same buttons over and over again for about 18 hours can get a bit boring.

Moby-Royale2370d ago

I bought it when it released completely on impulse. I really enjoyed it.

I think that LoS is much better paced than similar titles, too.

If you like GOW, and the romanticism in Dante's Inferno(as motivation in the story), and want a much longer, more grounded(yet just as epic, just for different reasons) game.

Then you should definitely pick it up.

The ending(before the credits) was brilliant. The ending after the credits.....

Well... buy it and find out. ;)

bahabeast2370d ago

wow complaining about a game being long? dnt complain about shooters and alot of current action games being short because they are. castlevania was really good enjoyed it and looking forward to more from konami

Ser2370d ago

Every time I finished a chapter I was like "Wait, you mean there's MORE? Is this game really this long?! THIS IS AWESOME!"

I had the exact opposite reaction. :P

Moby-Royale2370d ago

Lol same here.

I kept being surprised that I hadn't beaten the game yet...

I really hope that they announce a sequel at E3. Could very well be what I'm looking forward to most, considering the ending..... o.O

Sure, some games can drag on. But a game that is as well paced as LoS....that really isn't an issue. :)

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