Inside DICE: Adapting the Battlefield visuals for Close Quarters combat

The Official Battlefield Blog - In this episode of “Inside DICE”, we let you in on the design philosophy behind the HD Destruction in Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters and how the VFX was tweaked to fit the mayhem in this new indoors environment.

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Ken222370d ago

So beautiful can't wait to blow shit up :D.

VileAndVicious2370d ago

I wish i could too....but i play recon and DICE wont give us ANY explosives. :(

arjman2369d ago

It would stop recon players from sitting there like douches not getting objectives

VileAndVicious2369d ago

lol I dont play that way I play aggressive sniper.
But honestly I mean all we have is our sniper rifles with horrible hit detection. They could at least give us armor piercing rounds our something

arjman2368d ago

Play rush on Damavand Peak and tell me half the team aren't sniping :D

Hit detection isn't that bad on PC but yeah armour piercing rounds would be pretty good in place of a supressor.

jocomat92370d ago

IF only they could fix input lag for the ps3 version. smh.

Drabent2370d ago

Crap Joco you beat me too it, yea as I play ghost recon and max payne it shows me how big of a deal input lag really is. Bullet drop rocks I mean I love that BF3 is realistic but hell we can barely lead shots with input lag><

Hufandpuf2370d ago

Just curoius and not bashing in any way, but have you tried a different TV? Just asking.

bumnut2370d ago

I get input lag on one of my tv's but not the other, but I game on PC.

Got to be worth a try

Holeran2370d ago

If they actually fixed the input lag for PS3 I would end up picking another copy of it up because I loved the beta so much. But after buying the retail version I had to sell it quick because it's trash with the input lag.

Holeran2370d ago

@hufandpuf it isn't our televisions, finally Dice admits it is a problem and they will have it corrected by the release of Close Quarters. Just got to wait and see.

MiamiACR212370d ago

If only you could have bought the parts and built a PC to play it on for the money you spent on that dated console. "smh"

jocomat92369d ago

wow really your acting like im in the wrong here XD btw just so you know i like bf3 even on consoles but the input lag kills it for me. Which wasn't in the beta. Build a pc? no thanks i have the money but don't wanna put the time and knowledge into it for one game.Ps3 is enough for me. Platted bf3 which isn't on computeras well. have a nice day.

PLAYWATCH2369d ago

Turn off the V-SYNC under video option. My input lag for the ps3 is now gone.

jocomat92369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

done it bro. reduces lots of lag but not all of it. I have done absolutely everything to eliminate it but i can't. even on 480 it lags. All three tv's that i have, have input lag.

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MiamiACR212370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

The day that all particles stay on the ground instead of falling through them, and dynamically react to external forces surrounding them, is the day I will really get back into gaming. As it stands, shiny textures, DX11, and particles mercilessly disappearing like it's 1999 just doesn't cut it.

SJPFTW2369d ago

i dont know about you but i play games... not stare at particles. LOLOL

MiamiACR212369d ago

When looking at the overall detail of the scene I take particles into account. Just imagine how much more immersion your gaming experience would have, if all those chips of wood and tile, and pools of blood and bodies of the dead were all piled around you after a tense firefight. All there, and all being calculated with physx. I don't know about you, but being a PC gamer, I take these details into account.

Hufandpuf2370d ago

It great to hear that the claymores and C4 had tweeks to fit gameplay, the same as RPG rounds and grenades.

OcelotRigz2370d ago

Yes, was glad to hear this. Some rare common sense from Dice.
My two main worries regarding CQ were shotguns and explosives, mainly RPGs. Im worried that every game will be either a shotgun fest or an rpg fest.
At least now they seem to have solved the explosive qualm, but i can't see how they will discourage everyone from using a shotgun, because thats gonna be the case in CQ.

Im not happy with CQ, as i prefer more of the traditional large open battlefield approach, but i will still get because im too curious to see what its like, to get the new weapons and to see how domination will play out.
For some reason, maybe because of a recent article mentioning releases of stuff in May and June, im assuming CQ is a week or so away, esepcially on Ps3, im hoping its not near the end of June.

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