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Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack unleashes on May 29th and will be completely FREE

DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts announced the next downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3 that will be shortly available for download. Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack will be available to download at no additional charge and will add two brand-new maps, a new team objective and a new equipment slot to the game’s critically-acclaimed cooperative experience." (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1094d ago
Cool, I get to play as a male Pajama person this time lol. Continue to be free, and I'll continue to download.
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john2  +   1094d ago
It makes you wonder though if the free DLC was due to the previous ME3 uproar
TekoIie  +   1094d ago
I have to admit bad or good ending, i havent played an ME game so much after months of release.

Theres one simple rule with DLC: If its free dont complain lol ;D
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JANF  +   1094d ago
How could I say no to more Mass Effect and on top of that is free. Count me in.
Gamer1982  +   1094d ago
OMG more multiplayer DLC? Its nice they added multiplayer since people asked for it and all but most people who played the original games got for the story and single player campaign. We want real DLC.
corrus  +   1094d ago
Big deal that is free
MiamiACR21  +   1094d ago
I agree, who cares if it's free! /s
Megaton  +   1094d ago
Free if you've bought/activated an online pass*.
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GameOn  +   1094d ago
you couldn't use it otherwise*
ninjahunter  +   1094d ago
Im curious how people would react to them charging money for any DLC? There was such a fire ball in the first couple months over it I think they might be a bit edgy about Paid DLC.

Or maby Bioware got sick of EA ruining their reputation. Who knows, maby developers and publishers are actually just good people.
SageHonor  +   1094d ago
This pack actually looks better than the last one. Interesting
TekoIie  +   1094d ago
How DIBBLE DARE YOU put spoilers in your avater.... Well played -_-

I think this new "equipment slot" interests me the most with this DLC. Im excited that theres Cerberus defectors as playable characters! Disappointed that their biotic orientated since i thought sentinel/soldier would be best for them (like Miranda and Jacob, although jacob is a vanguard).
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SageHonor  +   1094d ago
Are the cerberus characters just male?
Godmars290  +   1094d ago
Kind if sad/discouraging that they took and expanded the premise of the omni-weapon and expanded it after ME3's full release.
godslayer429  +   1094d ago
what they dont tell you is you have to pay to see the ending lol
DFresh  +   1094d ago
I guess EA took that number #1 consumer voted worst consumer title seriously.
pandehz  +   1094d ago
Dam lol lately my life has been all about Bioware, been playing Swtor and ME3 only lately
TheColbertinator  +   1094d ago
Sweet,never thought we would get Vorcha
mananimal  +   1094d ago
its only free cause of the backlash, once they gain gamers trust again, theyll go right to being arrogant & greedy, & not really caring, mark my words.
SageHonor  +   1094d ago
Yeah that'll be sometime in the fall though since the ending dlc will be free and we might get more DLC next month

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