What Sony must do to prove itself at E3

XMNR: I covered what Microsoft needs to do to prove itself at E3 yesterday and now it is Sony’s turn with the Playstation 3 and PS Vita. Once again, it’s not about winning the biggest game conference in the United States as much as it about showing what the company is doing to prove that it is pushing the game industry forward and convincing gamers to buy their products.

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Titanz2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

There's some harmonious love ongoing for Sony, that N4G fully sponsors them.

Almost like a swingers club, but without the grotesque nudity.

My honest opinion: Games and exclusives.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2396d ago

"Show up"

Was just gonna say that.

Outside_ofthe_Box2396d ago

Sony has nothing to prove... to me at least.

Optical_Matrix2396d ago

- Major update for PS3. There hasn't been a significant one in AGES

- Exclusive software for Vita that goes beyond ports and PS3/Vita multiplatform titles. There needs to be more software like Gravity Rush that can ONLY be done on Vita.

- Push PS Suite for Vita like nothing they've done before. The possibilities that platform can open up for PS Vita are mind numbing.

- PS3 exclusives. The usual deal. We all know that Sony will provide such content though so its nothing to worry about

To be honest the PS3 is fine. I just want them to really push Vita at their E3 press conference. New services, PS Suite, exclusive games. Just add value on top of value and the system will become more attractive

mushroomwig2396d ago

I agree that we haven't had a decent firmware update in quite a while. What are you hoping for?

GraveLord2396d ago

Show some Vita games we actually care about.
Show some Vita games that I can't get on Ps3.

mushroomwig2396d ago


Speak for yourself, there are plenty of Vita games that I care about.

LOGICWINS2396d ago

How do u know that the "we" GraveLord mentioned includes "you"?

cpayne932396d ago

@Logic what are you suggesting? What else could he be referring to other than gamers in general? If you don't specify, the most obvious use of "we" in this situation is all of the demographic sony is targeting with Vita's marketing.

mushroomwig2396d ago


Then he needs to explain himself better because "we" is a very general term for people.

patriotZero2396d ago

-Gran Turismo 6
-Metal Gear Solid 5 Exclusive
-Last Guardian gameplay or release date
-Final Fantasy Versus 13 gameplay or release date
-New Update for PSN or PS3
-I already know They will show gameplay demo of Last of Us
-PS4 specific details
-God of War Ascension gameplay demo or release date
-MGS HD collection NA and EU PSN versions release date
-PS3 and PSvita Price-cut
-More PSvita games annonunces
That's all

BX812396d ago

Yeah, I would be happy with gow4, last guardian, last of us and some exclusive vita titles. To be honest last of us and gow4 are the exact reasons im gonna get a ps3 again.

TheLyonKing2396d ago

pretty much hit the nail on the head with that but even half of that list and sony will have "proved" themselves.

What would really seal the deal for me would be a quick screen shot of KH3 logo haha but thats much more likely for a TGS apprence.

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The story is too old to be commented.