Performance drugs for pro gamers

German outfit Tomarni has developed a new drug designed to make you better at gaming.

FpsBrain was created with help from Free University Berlin. The capsules are said to accelerate neural processes, heighten perception and improve reactions.

Essentially FpsBrain is a coffee, guarana or Berocca replacement you can pop in your daily routine to wake up a bit and pay more attention.

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monkey6023838d ago

No gamer needs drugs! That's actually stupid. Why does crap like this exist?!

InMyOpinion3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

The most dangerous substance in their pill is coffeine. Amino acids and vitamins are harmless. This is as much a drug as a cup of coffee or multi-vitamin pills are.

I'll go with cocaine instead. Keeps you focused.

GIJeff3838d ago

so THAT explains your comments. Thanks for the clarification.

solidt123838d ago

I could use a cup of Joe right now. Im getting owned in Call Of Duty 4.

moujahed3838d ago

There's another performance inhancing drug that's been out long before this... it's called, POT!

Weed3838d ago

I wouldnt say it enhances my performance, but it sure does make the game alot funner.

mistertwoturbo3838d ago

my performance enhancing drug is in the form of red bull.

and my anti-performancing enhancer is sex. after getting it, i just want to sleep.

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The story is too old to be commented.