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Dealspwn: "For the most part Gravity Rush is a game that just gets better and better the more you play of it. It's easy to fall in love with Hekseville, and special mention must be given to Kohei Tanaka's fantastic score (particularly the jaunty jazz numbers in Pleajeune); it's easy to fall in love with the gravity mechanics, the freedom of flight, and how that freedom extends the more you level; and it's easy to love Kat herself - bright, bubbly, capable, and fantastically good-hearted, her journey is a truly charming one.

"Originally I only wanted a Vita so I could play PS3-esque games on the move. But Sony's Japan Studio have made me realise that there's more to be had from the little machine. It's stunningly beautiful, with a purity of purpose and spirit only seen in the likes of Fez and Journey this year and, much like the latter, you'll come away from Gravity Rush beaming. You can buy an Uncharted experience and a LBP experience and a Rayman experience and a Resistance experience elsewhere. Those titles, grand though they are, all owe more to their home console siblings than to the Vita. But this is a true killer app for the system - a game of such unique charm that it can't be found anywhere else. And, having played it on the train, on the loo, on the sofa, in a field, on a bus, in a cafe, in bed, and in the park, I wouldn't want it any other way."

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