New Dead or Alive 5 Screenshots Revealed

Along with the initial details on Lei Fang and Zack, two new characters revealed for an appearance in Dead or Alive 5 today, and the debut footage of the fighters in action, Tecmo Koei Europe has revealed an extensive selection of screenshots from the forthcoming videogame. Dead or Alive 5 is set for release this September, and Lei Fang and Zack will appear alongside many Dead or Alive favourites.

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Lord_Sloth2367d ago

Wonder why her unveil was paired with Zack instead of Jann Lee...

Regent_of_the_Mask2367d ago

Because they're intentionally trying to ruin the franchise so they can work on something else. I'm just surprised that she wasn't unveiled along with another out of place VF character doing a montage of power blows.

Lord_Sloth2367d ago

Oh, it's you...If you hate Team Ninja so much you should change your account so you're no longer associating yourself with them. Start a new account. Don't worry, you'd be down to 1 bubble in no time. I've read your posts.

Unveiling her with Jann Lee or Zack is merely perplexing. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product, which the demo proves is more than just up to speed. Thank god they don't look like Barbie and Ken dolls anymore!

nihonlight2367d ago

Ok as a longtime fan of this series I have to say
That is the STUPIDEST effin stage EVER.
From hardcore, to hardcore CORNY...
I miss u itagaki.