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Dead or Alive 5 - Lei Fang vs Zack

Tecmo released a new video of Dead or Alive 5. (Dead or Alive 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

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an0nym0us  +   1232d ago
Wow for a black guy Zack looks unappealing.
LoaMcLoa  +   1232d ago
Ummm... Ok?
Jamaicangmr  +   1232d ago
I sure hope thats a custom outfit on Zack.
Tonester925  +   1232d ago
Japanese people make black people look and act so ridiculous in their entertainment. Not just in Video Games but in Manga's too. lol Moonwalking like Michael Jackson.................. -_-
izumo_lee  +   1232d ago
What in gods name is Lei Fang & Zack wearing?! Couldn't they show Lei Fang in that slinky black dress instead...sigh.

Hope Team Ninja doesn't screw this game like they did with another one of their franchises.
Lucretia  +   1232d ago
I have to say Lei fang looks gorgeous. I love love LOVE that shirt.

and well, if her pants just had a different pattern they would be nice too. i would make it the same pattern as on her shirt atleast or just pure black.

zack on the other hand.....WTF
izumo_lee  +   1232d ago
Yeah i think it is the pants that threw me off. I know they were trying to fit the theme of the stage but couldn't they at least make it a skirt, dress or something less 'flashy' in the wrong way.
rataranian  +   1232d ago
Anyone who dresses like that guy deserves to have his ass kicked.
Ashunderfire86  +   1232d ago
WTF!!!! Zack was suppose to be black. I don't know why they are giving them all these crazy outfits to wear? I even question what Christina is wearing(a thong over her pants LOL!!!). Game looks good, but I get this feeling that the environment effects are just too gimmicky to effect most of the gameplay. Dead or Alive 5 VS. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on September 30th. Who will win?
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Lucretia  +   1232d ago
In my book doa5 will win. im not a fan of how there is no combo break in tekken YET, you can do an infinite combo till the character dies, and for a tag game its a moronic how just killing one opponent kills both.

that and i was never a fan of how stiff tekken is, i still love my Lily though so im still gonna play it lol
Ashunderfire86  +   1232d ago
I agree 100 percent with you. Dead or Alive 5 will blow the water out of Tekken Tag Tournament 2!!!
Baka-akaB  +   1232d ago
I entirely disagree .

For starters not every tag game got to be the same , and such difference allows for more variety .

One shared fate prevent at least the opponent from abusively sacrificing his weakest link . You'll have to use both well and strategaically enough them . At work some will at least be able to play cat and mouse .

"im not a fan of how there is no combo break in tekken YET, you can do an infinite combo till the character dies"

Again not every game needs to feel the same . I dont want a cheap recovery system . Rage is a new thing already messing stuff up enough as it is .

They just needed to tone down the abusive juggling from T6 , wich they did so far ... and at least force some tag mixing with it .

As for infinites even most games with combo breakers still got those or other glitches .

What's important is how reactive and pro active to it the devs will be .
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Regent_of_the_Mask  +   1232d ago
lol @ thinking a casualized DOA5 will beat TTT2. The power blow mechanic is the worst thing to ever happen to the DOA franchise (well that & the terrible character design in the new one). With the VF characters being shoved in it's looking more like a spinoff than a real DOA. I don't care about DOA5 (even though I liked all of the previous games) & I don't like TTT2 (even though I liked TTT) but TTT2 will easily overshadow DOA5.
jetlian  +   1232d ago
Tekken is the king of 3d fighters! DOA 5 will be lucky to get two million sales. Tekken tag 2 four million or more.

As for the defeat 1 the round over its was to counter Capcoms vs games where if you lose a character your handicapped the rest of the fight
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Blackcanary  +   1232d ago
i'm buying that game been waiting for time for it.
vikingland1  +   1232d ago
Zack is dressed like a clown because it is a circus enviroment at least thats my guess.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1232d ago
Seeing how in DOA ultimate, Leifang had a variety of clothing, not just her dresses. So from that standpoint shes dressed how Leifang's suppose to dress. Now Zack is in his element when it comes wardrobes. Alien costume, rainbowed haired cowboy, why is a clown suit so weird? Seems to match his random taste in clothing to me.
Redempteur  +   1232d ago
people love to complain ...
Zack is supposed to have a goofy, weird costume and they nailed both characters perfectly ..
caseh  +   1232d ago
0:43 < Please don't tell me that wasn't a f*cking super move I saw there. Namco bollocked SC5 by adding super moves that can take about %60 health with no effort,hoping Team Ninja have the sense to not do that...
Baka-akaB  +   1232d ago
Meh Critical Edges that deals that kind of damage are slow and easy to block or avoid . Hell most of their damages are when being countered with it and you often have more dangerous and interesting uses of the jauge than super moves .

Take Nightmare's one of the most damageing and usually abused by newbies , you can either:

- Side step it
- Block it
- Grab him out of it
- Counter your an appropriate Critical Edge .

Nightmare's super takes too long to hit, and can be sidestepped with ease, at which point he eats an unbreakable backthrow.

Grab Critical Edge are easy as hell to bait , duck and punish ...

But whatever good luck spamming them against skilled players .

Back to DOA , it's too early to judge so brashly . The super move seen in the alpha was a charging move that wouldnt seem that easy to abuse in VS .
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caseh  +   1232d ago
Depends on the level of competition, you can claim that this and that are easy to counter or block but it's never that straight forwards. Allowing a player to stage a comeback from nothing just caters to scrubs and ruins the game.

I played in excess of 12,000 games in SC4 and about 2000 in SC5 before I sold it, allowing quick step cancels and moves that do over 50% damage for minimal input as a punisher is ridiculous. Oh what this, the final round?... lets give you a full super meter bar for the sake of it...christ.

In a game like King of Fighters the level of execution and timing is off the charts to the extent of making the idea of learning morse code seem more appealing. That makes the damage receivved more understandable as not EVERYONE can do it.

People can disagree all they like but if they introduced a system like the CE/BE attacks to a game like Virtua Fighter it would completely f*cking ruin it. I'd rather not see that happen to DoA.

And it's not Nightmare's CE thats the issue, its his BE attacks...
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Baka-akaB  +   1232d ago
"In a game like King of Fighters the level of execution and timing is off the charts to the extent of making the idea of learning morse code seem more appealing. That makes the damage receivved more understandable as not EVERYONE can do it. "

And soul edge or Soul calibur were never about that . You've got a few things that are hard input and timing wise , but it was always about using strats and space positioning unlike hyper combo and execution heavy games ... and you know it

"And it's not Nightmare's CE thats the issue, its his BE attacks... "
Well just an example of things newbies love to abuse and plety loves to see as overpowered .
Otherwise with are making the same point here , it's not that strong .

"Allowing a player to stage a comeback from nothing just caters to scrubs and ruins the game."

Even harsher games lately got those mechanics . It hardly got such a negative effect (at least imo) over a game that isnt about A.D.D combo execution .

You know we are talking about a game where many unblockables always where a direction , 2 buttons at mosts , and about properly baiting and punishing .

And the concept behind CE isnt even that entirely new to the franchise .

Anyway while i wont pretend to be some kind of fighting genius that can block it all ... it's an option that works , for the most part possible to deal with , and very punishable , with the same means as it works both ways , or in others .

In the end i see SCV as the most "balanced" of the serie , despite all that , since SC1 or Soul edge . SCIV being the lowest point i've ever seen , in that aspect .

PS :

Everything is not rosy of course . I'm not a fan of free extra jauges .
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Redempteur  +   1232d ago
It's not a super move. it's a charge throw and it's main function is just a charge finisher and all follow-up can be blocked afterwards

And where is SC5 do you see a move that remove 60% with no effort ?
If you do lose such amount , they it's your fault because you were probably hit in counter mode . For all your talk about knowing the game , you don't seem to know how to avoid such moves witch is a shame because you want to complain about them .

How about defending for once ?
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caseh  +   1232d ago
Yes of course because in your eyes there are clearly no such things as making a mistake right? Your gameplay approach is perfect and flawless. Because when you play people are silly enough to throw BE and CE attacks while you are guarding.

Hilde's CE is -i15 if I recall correctly, it can punish anything slower than that, it deals approx 50% when it ISN'T a counter hit. Oh and it tracks and has enourmous distance. Yeap, you gotta be pro to use that...

If you don't get the -15 reference you're not in any position to even remotely discuss the topic, at all. And QSG is a game breaking mechanic that anyone with half an ounce of knowledge about the game will know. As for balance, how about Nightmare winning nearly all initial tournies and qualifiers, yeap thats balance for ya. May have been addressed but the game simply isnt my cup of tea any longer.

Regardless, appreciate your explanation of the move being a charge throw. I can now sleep easy. :)
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Redempteur  +   1231d ago
Yeah right because you aren't exagerating ...
You talk high and mighty ( or so you think ) yet you don't seems to understand that with people with equal knowledge to positionning and attacks properties

What if hilde has impact -i15 ? ( it's -i16 by the way but hey you're right again [sarcasm])...my answer is the same , defend or avoid ..The majority of the CE can be avoided or defended against ..and if you know about attack properties as you seem to think , they you should stop bitching about them and just use this system at your advantage ... or would you prefer the absurd critical finish system?

If you can't guard or avoid a critical edge then you were hit in a combo ...and then again it's part of the game ( any fighting game ) and your own fault ...
Baka-akaB  +   1231d ago
Some outlandish moves like say back , forward , QCB , HCF +button in most other games arent even truly that harder to use instead . Heck if anything in a common fighting game , it gets easy when you can just prepare and pull the thing off right in a combo .

Meanwhile , CE are less combo friendly . Of course there are combos , but not nearly as elaborated and as many than in those game , usually you just use traps .

It would be another thing , if on top a 99999th hit combo you were thrown a 50% damageing super , wich we know aint at all the case here .

Even with BE , some characters are paying 50% meter for 7-10 points of damage , compared to normal combos (Patroklos comes to mind) ! Making it even pointless , if not for other properties

So yes most people are silly enough to throw BE and CE attacks in the wind , especially if baited enough .

CE in SCV are a good compromise and safeguard against pesky button mashers and rabid dogs imo . You play smart enough or you get punished by it , that's all .

"As for balance, how about Nightmare winning nearly all initial tournies and qualifiers, yeap thats balance for ya."

Are we supposed to pretend we forgot or dont know about the various balances issues in , in order of unbalance , abuse and glitchiness , SCIV , SCIII , SCII , SCI ? Come on now .

Those are still there , but overall most characters stand a better fighting chance against the top than in the past .

And yeah like you mentioned plenty things did get patched for better or worse for most characters .

PS : dont forget how Hilde CE does almost only half damage if you touch a wall . Basically guard impact + BE combo does far better and more reliable damages than her CE .
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DivineAssault  +   1231d ago
BOOBIES! ya zack looked stupid as hell but BOOBIES! bouncing away.
Hicken  +   1231d ago
First off: nice to see some Lei Fang in action. She's my second favorite(behind Ayane), so I really wanted to see some gameplay of her. Looks good. I think her boobs grew, which kinda makes me sad...

Secondly... why the hell are you people complaining about Zack's outfit? I see to recall him having an alien-themed outfit in other games, as well as a shiny silver suit. Dennis Rodman hair was also normal for him, so I don't see how anything's changed. He's an eccentric rich guy who happens to be black. Deal with it.

That said, the Japanese are pretty prone to stereotyping all races; on the off chance there's a black person in a game, anime, or manga, you should expect some level of stereotype to be present. It's not always there, and it's not always negative- or not completely; Panther from Eyeshield 21 was stereotyped, but every one of the stereotypes was spun into a positive- but it happens.
Tainted Gene  +   1230d ago
"I think her boobs grew, which kinda makes me sad..."

......yeah, women tend to do that sort of thing. Especially young women.

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