Unannounced Atlus Title to be revealed Saturday at London MCM Expo

A new Atlus title is set to be exclusively announced at the London MCM Expo on 26 May. What could it be?

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Optical_Matrix2367d ago

Since it's at MCM Expo, I assume its a European Release of Persona Golden or P4 Arena. But if its unannounced as in not announced ANYWHERE, then it's anybodies guess.

Jreca2367d ago

If it's the alreday-confirmed-in-the-works Persona 5, I'll need you to call me an ambulance, please.

Baka-akaB2367d ago

I dont see them announcing it at some eu expo , they'll either do a reveal in famitsu or a tgs conf at least .

Kyosuke_Sanada2367d ago

I really this unannounced project features Kazuma Kaneko's character design.......

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