LucasArts to Reveal Secret Title at E3

LucasArts is set to reveal an unannounced title behind closed doors.

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Brosy2029d ago

Hopefully they have heard the fans outcry. Would love to BF3 or Xwing v/s Tie Fighter.

Amazingmrbrock2029d ago

I bet that they're porting star wars kinect to the move. Its probably timed exclusive.

guitarded772029d ago

Damn well better be Battlefront 3 or I think the faithful over at the LucasArts forum will destroy LA.

NukaCola2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I would love BF3, Jedi Knight VI and for the love of the Force, another Rogue Squadron title. Maybe a Wii U launch?

SJPFTW2029d ago

how bout a proper sequel by Bioware of the greatest star wars game of all time... Knights of the Old Republic

SilentNegotiator2029d ago

If not, we should bum-rush the stage. lol

"Today, I have the pleasure of announcing.....The Force Unleashed 3!! I.....what are you doing?? No, wait, get off the stage!! No...get back...NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

SoundGamer2029d ago

Not sure if this has been mentioned but I know that Lucas Arts is currently working on a FPS and an Action Adventure, two titles.

I'm not sure which one they're announcing though.

badz1492029d ago

for all we know, it might be Kinect SW 2!

BitbyDeath2029d ago

@Amazingmrbrock, they'd better take out those dancing scenes lol

TheXgamerLive2028d ago

I'd personally like to see KOTOR 3 or a new Jedi game rpg but definatly "NOT" TFU, that just didnt do it.

jeseth2028d ago

I'd love to see Battlefront 3. I'd also love to see a sequel to the Dark Forces games from back in the day.

Dark Forces was one of my favorite PSone games.

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r1sh122029d ago

i hope its battlefront too or the jedi knight series or knights of the old republic (Single player only).
But its most likely gna be force unleashed :(

Blacktric2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

KOTOR 3, Battlefront 3, Jedi Knight 4 or GTFO...

RedDead2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Exactly, I would welcome either of those 3, by far the best Star wars series along with Tai fighter

Wagz222029d ago

Battlefront 3 or an actual good star wars game or I'm done with Lucas Arts. Simple as that.

Andronix2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Of course it will be Star Wars related, but I miss the days when LucasArts use to make such classics in other genres. A new graphic adventure would be wonderful, Heavy Rain showed that there is still a place for them. But its a genre that isn't so easily marketable.

I'd love to see an Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis HD, or Curse of Monkey Island HD.

Thatguy-3102028d ago

whatever happened to this ?
was it for force unleashed 2 or did they never show what that image was meant?

Andronix2028d ago

That seems like a fake. Unless there is a surprise at E3.

Gildarts2025d ago

I believe its Too Human 2 since they had a contract with Microsoft for 3 games.

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Convas2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Well what good does telling us do if it won't be shown to the general press?

Might as well just wait for it to leak and be surprised/disappointed.

JustinNico2029d ago

Considering this the build up.
Honestly though, if this is a new Jedi Knight game, Battlefront 3, or XWings V Tiefighter, a lot of people are going to be happy.

Lucreto2029d ago

The Curse of Monkey Island HD

glennco2029d ago

it has already been done (and number 2)

WitWolfy2029d ago

Nononono your confused only The secret of Monkey Island and Le Chucks Revenge was in HD.. The Curse of Monkey Island is still to be remastered.. I would buy that in a heart beat!

MrDead2028d ago

I need new Monkey Island games.

Jumper092029d ago


.. Kinect


Dovahkiin2029d ago

I don't even know what I'd do if that were true.