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Jim Sterling: Gravity Rush is worth checking out, especially with the Vita being so quiet since launch, and as the system's library fills, this title will still stand out as something uniquely charming.

However, one must be honest about the questionable design decisions that lets the whole thing down on a dismayingly consistent basis.

Gravity Rush has everything it needs to be something great, but it takes all the wrong forks in the road and ends up rather unfulfilling.

It's a real shame, too, because you it's so clear how brilliant it truly could have been.

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OllieBoy2369d ago

Oh, look who has to be different.

cmpunk532369d ago

a worng guy to review this great game. every major site including gamesradar and eurogamer gave it a favorable score.

Godchild10202369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

I love the review, just not the score. From the review it seems like it could have gone either way. I was expecting a higher score since it seems like the reviewer was having fun.

Some of his complaints don't really bother me in a way. "The problem is, when it comes time to stop simply exploring and get on with actual objectives, the free-floating mayhem abruptly ceases to become enjoyable."

I thought it was like that with most open world games, in GTA I would rather roam around, shoot the birds and find the other collectibles. The story was just a bonus for when I didn't want to roam around anymore. Prototoype is another one, I would rather do the side missions and find the collectibles than do the story half the time. The story is meant to be kind of restricted and straight forward.

"Most of the enemies move too swiftly and jerk around a lot, meaning they're often gone before Kat can reach them."

I would hate for an enemy to stay in one place unless I froze it or made time stay still for a while, just so I can hit it. Enemies shouldn't be stupid and it seems like they are not in this game. That's good news.

As he said it doesn't work all the time even if they don't move, but I had that issue in the demo and I still had fun.

I read his review and turned his complaints into positives and now I can't wait for this game. I have it paid off and I can't wait for June 12.

Regent_of_the_Mask2369d ago

Not surprised that another Vita exclusive flopped. This game had mediocre written on it from the beginning.

Lucretia2369d ago

nvm, ur not just a dead or alive hater, ur just an all around troll who is so bored with all his games he has nothing else better to do than troll :)

2369d ago
Dark112369d ago

the only mediocre thing here is your life.

MasterCornholio2369d ago

Which is why you only post in the articles where this game got low scores. I am guessing that you are refusing to accept any positive reviews of this game.

We all know what you are because of this.



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