Peter Molyneux interview: “I’m not worthy of the rewards that I’ve got”

BeefJack: "Molyneux’s reputation for excitable chatter with the press is, I can confirm, a deserved one. He’s itching to tell me about what he’s been up to since leaving Lionhead, the studio he founded 15 years ago, to form indie start-up 22 Cans – though he knows he has to hold back. But the Molyneux I meet is also an astonishingly humble man: a designer who is all too aware of the mistakes he’s made throughout his career. With his new project, he’s hoping to change things – to recapture his early successes."

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Akuma-1973d ago

This guy needs to work for Sony exclusively and make ps move games

Canary1973d ago

And just how many decades did it take?

DragonKnight1973d ago

You can't really say that he lies. It's clear by the way he speaks about his games that everything he says he wants to put in them is the truth. Something happens along the way that makes him look like a liar though. He wanted Fable to be the masterpiece he kept talking about, but obviously there were limitations in what he could (or was allowed) to do. Maybe as an indie dev he'll be able to make the games he envisions in his mind and won't have to look like a liar when they come out and are not what he described them as being.

baldulf1973d ago

First time I heard him telling the truth :P

CaptainMarvelQ81973d ago

Whats been up with this man lately
seems like hes having a mental breakdown.

Picnic1973d ago

I loved Theme Park and Fable seems like a decent stab at a British Zelda. The Movies also seems like an interesting concept. I'd like to see him make a traditional-style (i.e. no guns) 3D platform game with a new mascot if possible as there are not enough of them now.

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The story is too old to be commented.