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DHGF: Dragon’s Lair is the same game it’s ever been, with Kinect controls added on to the package, and while that’s a cute idea, it doesn’t change the fact that this is the same game it’s ever been. The plot and gameplay options are serviceable, if unexciting, the animation looks as good as ever while the rest of the visuals in the package are adequate, and the music and basic effects are good, but everything else is… not so much. The game is as incredibly simple to play as it’s ever been, though the Kinect controls add some mild depth and amusement to the package, and the game has some added content, in the form of being able to watch the game without the prompts and Achievements/Avatar gear, that could potentially add some value for fans or newcomers. However, the actual game itself can be completed inside of twenty minutes, there’s nothing new to experience once you’re done with the first go-round, and the entire game, unlockables and all, can be cleared out inside of five hours....

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