Japanese pricing revealed for DmC: Devil May Cry

The Japanese branch of Capcom has revealed the official price tag for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game, DmC: Devil May Cry, in Japan.

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Yi-Long2396d ago

... or if they'll sell us half the game now, half the game 3 minutes after release using DLC.

To ask the question is to answer the question.

FlashXIII2396d ago

Almost certainly will be selling Dante alternative looks to appease the emo bashers.

Tony-Red-Grave2396d ago

wouldn't you they'll buy the game, used probably, and capcom will stil make money off them by giving them a alt skin dlc.

Of course alt skin dlc is pretty much nothing compared to say having extra missions in the game so nobody can really bash a company for selling something so small

Godmars2902396d ago

A quarter more through DLC the same day, then a third more over 2-3 weeks later, then finally the true ending a month later.

Croash2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Eh, it isn't the pricing I'm worried about, nor the game itself. I can see quality in DmC but I won't praise or dismiss the game until I've played it.
It's obvious that a lack of interesting gameplay features or an abysmal plot won't make for a thrilling experience, but the game is still in development and we don't know how good each feature is.

What I'm really worried about is what Yi-Long talked about, DLCs.
It appears that every Capcom game will have Disc-Locked Content AND (with the exception of Dragon's Dogma) Downloadable Content. As far as I'm concerned, this wasn't the case with any of the Devil May Cry games.
However, Ninja Theory did release a $10 DLC featuring a secondary character only a month after the game's release, and even though it was praised by critics (at least, that's what I remember), it looked like it had been kept away from the main game on purpose.

And that's exactly what I do not want with DmC. Ninja Theory still needs to convince many DMC fans that this is a worthy beat'em all, but if Capcom gets in the way with its horrendous practices, they won't even get sales from those who already want to get their hands on the game.

Eh, I was having a nice discussion on a forum when all the Captivate 2012 footage was released, and somehow I ended up making this :
I did this for the laughs, but I also took it quite seriously, and FlashXIII's comment is representative of what I think is going to slowly kill the gaming industry, because it won't only be about one costume :/
A week ago, I finished Zero/Fatal Frame 3 on PS2, and I unlocked a Mission mode, a harder difficulty, costumes and accessories for the main characters (and!). And I kept thinking that all of these could now be DLCs! Ugh!
It's not like it hasn't happened : Street Fighter IV's costumes, Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode and Metro 2033's Ranger Pack on Xbox 360.