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RaidensRising2399d ago

Been waiting for this day.

dazzrazz2399d ago

So... what, you cant use controller only works with that useless peripheral ?

ChunkyLover532399d ago

Well its not worthless if you need it in the game. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor user both the Kinect and a standard controller. Kinect takes the place of a ton of buttons on the old Steel Battalion game.

Its supposed to be the most accurate and best use of Kinect to date.

I'm downloading the demo now, gonna play it when I get home from work.

Frankfurt2399d ago


Yeah, if you're fat, lazy and lonely, sure. There isn't a girlfriend in the world that doesn't love Kinect.

360GamerFG2399d ago

2 things wrong with your statement.
1. Girl - to him they are myths
2. Friend - "ha ha ha ha ha, whats that?" - him

Forza_is_King2399d ago

Do some research and don't be so ignorant.

You HAVE TO use the controller in order to move around and shoot. Kinect is integrated in the game to replace many of the button functions found on the original Steel Battalion.

This is a HYBRID game that uses both controller AND Kinect. Therefore the peripheral is NOT useless and yes you CAN use a controller as it is mandatory in order to maneuver the VT and shoot.

Ugh...nothing new here, just another fanboy of the other console hating on Kinect.

MorbidPorpoise2399d ago

Everytime I see this and Kinect, it just makes me want to stand up and do the Robocop.... not sure if its just me :/