You Have to See Sleeping Dogs

IGN: "The journey of Sleeping Dogs has been an interesting one to watch -- the third-person action title started as a new game from United Front Games, became part of Activision's True Crime franchise, parted ways with Activision, and turned into Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs. But at some point, the game has to speak for itself."

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Trenta272370d ago

No I don't. While the game does look good, it has been transferred between multiple companies with multiple names. At one point, it was a new True Crime game. That's just scary to me. Here's to hoping its worth the wait, though.

pr0digyZA2370d ago

Activision changed it to true crime because thats an established franchise and they can get more money, in the past it was going to be a new franchise so this is just going back to how the developers wanted it thanks to square enix.

I will personally be happy if it is just a fun game, as I am not expecting huge critical success (obviously hope its commercially profitable). To me it seems like it might be like the sabateur not that great in scores but still was a blast and underrated game to certain people.

kostchtchie_2370d ago

Sabateur was brilliant game, loved every minute of it, and yeah another game that was bashed by reviews only turn out to be good fun game, glad i never listen to review sites anymore

1nsomniac2370d ago

Been looking forward to this for years despite the setting it looks like Yakuza aimed slightly more for the western market which should get more people buying it. Looks awesome!

kostchtchie_2370d ago

game is looking great, and the combat is dam sweet like batman's combat, have this on pre-order for my rig