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IGN: "Showdown may look heavy on options from its bombastic menus but ultimately it just feels like a narrow slice of Dirt 3 with some destruction derbies tacked on. There’s a good game in here, but there just isn’t enough of it. It’s perhaps eerily fitting Codies shipped this Dirt 3 follow-up with the subtitle Showdown; it may have swagger but this town really ain’t big enough for the two of them."

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realiks1948d ago

As expected. Developers should start working (if they already didn't) on GRID 2.

Dirt 3 was a great game.

wAnxTa1948d ago

woah! Should've gone with DiRT 4 codies.

tails131948d ago

They're making Dirt 4, they've said this numerous times. It will be a rally game.

Jacobster1948d ago

Oddly I didn't like Dirt 3 when compared to Dirt 2. I found it a bit too gimmicky but appreciated the changes they made to keep the game fresh. I still might pick this game up because I enjoyed the demo :)

fermcr1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

IGN... never gets one right. All other reviews are giving Dirt Showdown 8 (average), but IGN gave it a 6.
IGN normally gives 9's and 10's to games that don't deserve it and underscores games that deserve higher scores. Since IGN gave Dirt Showdown a 6... it probably deserves a 8. Haven't played it yet.
Well it's their opinion and normally i don't agree with them.

SolidStoner1948d ago

I just hope that Colin Mcrae returns!

and real rally simulation is what I'm after.. enough with arcade games too much of them!

StanSmith1948d ago

You do know the Colin McRae died don't you?

SolidStoner1947d ago

well yeah... R.I.P

meanwhile, those old series was way more fun for me.

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