Kinect at E3 2012: What to Expect

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is not far off, with the fun kicking off on Monday, June 4th.

The show proper doesn’t open until the midday PST (8pm BST) on the 5th, but four of gaming’s biggest players will be hosting press briefings before the doors open on that first day.

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DarkSymbiote2399d ago

Thanks for the BST timings. They'll help me calculate.

abzdine2399d ago

More dancing games and more "tech demos".

Lucretia2399d ago

crap, utter and complete crap. not 1 good in depth kinect game yet, and there will never be.

the best it can do is dance games. so annoyed MS is focusing on this rather than normal games, i dont care if its smart of them to take advantage of the casual market, this only affects me in a bad way

SonyStyled2399d ago

if your unhappy then jump ship

TBM2399d ago

Glad i have a dvr i can fast forward through that crap.

from the beach2399d ago

How sure are you about these titles, namely: Kinect Sports 3, Dance Central 3, Fighters Uncaged 2, Kinect Rush 2, Kinect Adventures 2?

While none of them are outside the realms of possibility, I'm wondering if you have any evidence or are just speculating.

AMA (Fighters Uncaged) are currently working on a new Kinect game but it is not expected to be at E3.

Ryse was rumoured to be next gen and at this point I'd be pretty surprised to see a 2012 release.

Hopefully we'll see something new from Twisted Pixel and also, hopefully, the rumoured Kinect FPS from Vancouver Studio.

Baller Beats could make for a memorably hilarious live demonstration!

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